If only I could...


Understand why our products are not ‘in market - in good time’


Our expertise helps...


Map the process from ORDER through to PACKAGE, SHIP & DELIVER to MARKET in order to identify and prioritize the root cause of supply Issues. Established a tracking system to enhance short term demand/supply challenges and enable a clear, factual & timely communication process to all relevant parties.


Offer a complete service much faster to our customers

Designed a process to enable an SME to deliver a service to their customer 25% faster. The process has been approved by the relevant regulatory authorities and is now under test. The process has already proven to engage the customer more effectively and to reduce 'day to day frustrations with the job'.


Spend more time growing the business & less on operational activity


TimeDesign worked alongside the owner of an SME to identify how to minimise his time on operational activity to be used more effectively in increasing sales and growing the business.


Deliver to my customer much faster

Within a transactional process, reduced customer response time from 22 days to 6 days – achieved within a 4 week pilot.


Reduce my operational costs

Identified three projects to enable a retail company to reduce their replenishment costs by £22.5 Million in first full year of implementation.


Improve customer service without employing more staff

Designed new organisational structure and high level processes to reduce complexity and enhance efficacy. New processes to operate with 15% less staff released to ‘take on’ additional work and grow the business.


Reduce the complexity of my products

Within the pharmaceutical industry, analysed the complexity of current portfolio and performed feasibility study to enable pack sharing across customers (markets) with option for late pack customisation.


See where all my time and that of the organisation ‘goes’!

  • Identified 55% ‘wasted’ time within a transactional process
  • Identified 34% ‘wasted’ time within a replenishment process

‘Wasted’ time can be measured as operational costs enabling you to release ‘cash’ currently tied up in unproductive operational activities and within inventory.


Enable the organisation to identify the root cause of problems & to develop practical solutions

TimeDesign is passionate about releasing the energy and creativity of your people to develop workable and effective solutions. This includes equipping your people with the necessary tools and techniques to enable an effective analysis of the current operations, as well as for the development of ‘tailor made solutions’.



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